IT Services

Email Setup

One of the biggest problems IT specialists are faced with is email setup as their is so many variables at play allowing any number of things to go wrong and affect your email connection. We can help you solve your email problems and get you up and running in no time flat. Whether the root of your problem is a server issue, blacklist issue, router problem, bounced emails or whatever the problem Bradbury IT can troubleshoot the problem for you and fix it while explaining to you in plain english so you know exactly what is going on. We will even show you how you can make changes to settings to improve your online experience.

Viruses and Trojan Removal

When your computer starts rebooting unexpectedly or you just straight out lose control of your PC, or maybe you get a notification from your ISP that your computer is sending out vast amounts of random emails then it is highly likely your computer has a virus, trojan or nasty malware embedded deep in your PC that is going to need removing. Call Bradbury IT to rid your computer of the offending files and have your computer cleaned up to ensure there is no problem files laying dormant waiting to spark up again and run riot on your PC rendering it useless. We will thoroughly test and clean your computer to allow you to experience the internet how it was meant to be.

Data Recovery

If you have ever lost a hard drive or had a spike in electricity blow your motherboard to bits then you know the repercussions of such a computer disaster. Lost emails, accounting records gone, sentimental family images lost forever, resume`s missing and even important contacts no longer on your computer. Until such a disaster happens you don't realise how important or attached you are to these things, but when they are gone they are gone forever! Or are they? Sometimes these things can be recovered and if you want your best chance to resurrect these valuable lost files then you need Bradbury IT to salvage whatever is possible and keep you informed in plain english along the way.

Hardware Setup

Just purchased a multifunction printer and trying to share it on your home network for the rest of the family to access it too? Maybe your network router needs replacing and the thought of connecting all your hardware back up is overwhelming? Have you got your network protected to stop neighbours hijacking your bandwidth and running up a large ISP bill on you? These and many other scenarios are easily sorted for you by Bradbury IT so you don't have to.

No matter what your computer related problem is, be it large or small, call Stewart at Bradbury IT on 0403 837 851 now!!!